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ACTIVE Coaching 2

Coaching Master Class

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What’s the duration?


2 days



What’s the workshop about?


ACTIVE Coaching® utilises select human beheaviour and interpersonal theories, coupled with practical applications, combining these into a powerful, pragmatic coaching technique called ACTIVE Coaching® .

It is a practical workplace based coaching system designed to achieve results quickly and effectively, e.g. on-the-job situations, through the use of our unique and innovative ACTIVE Coaching® Scalar Form.

It involves the active engagement of the individual being coached through challenging dliague, powerful active questions, active listening as well as creative, solutions focus problem solving.

Applying the ACTIVE Coaching® system you will quickly learn how it can unlock employee potential, improve individual motivation, resulting in greater individual performance.

You will also learn a powerful method of feedback allowing the situation to be corrected, changing behaviour, as well as the positive development of the individual.  Using our unique ACTIVE Coaching®  System you will not only have a rigourous method of conducting workplace coaching, but, more importantly, you will engage 'buy-in' and commitment to follow through on what needs to be done.

The ACTIVE Coaching® System will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to take coaching beyond the level of traditional coaching courses.  This is essential development for anyone who needs to develop coaching skills in their workplace.

Course Outline


Day 1.


Developing Your Skills and Understanding for ACTIVE Coaching®

   * Introduction & Defining - Coaching v Mentoring v Counselling

   * Skills and personal characteristics to coach and influence

        - Emotional Intelligence and Coaching

    * ACTIVE Interpersonal skills

    * Understanding traditional Coaching methods

    * The ACTIVE Coaching® System (ACTIVE Coaching®Scalar Form)

     - Applying ACTIVE Coaching® - practical, facilited session by the delegates

    * Feedback and Review


Day 2.


Applying ACTIVE Coaching® and Giving Powerful Feedback

   * Motivation and the needs of the individual

   * Creating ‘powerful’ ACTIVE Coaching® questions

   * Moving from a problem to innovation and creativity

     - Applying ACTIVE Coaching® – practical, facilitated coaching by the delegates (x 2 sessions)

     - Feedback and Review

   * Giving effective and powerful feedback

   * Overcoming individual performance issue

     - Final - Applying ACTIVE Coaching®- practical, facilitated coaching by the delegates

     - Feedback and Review

   * Next Steps


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop you will have gained the knowledge and understanding to coach effectively in the workplace, so increasing individuals’ motivation, potential and development.



Who’s it for?


This workshop is aimed at anyone wishing to develop as a workplace Coach in their business/organisation - or enhance their Coaching skills.  This could include Team leader/Supervisory, Manager, Director levels, as well as HR and L&D professionals.

No pre-coaching skills/epxperience is needed.




This is a highly interactive workshop with targeted videos, practical exercises, role-play, applicable 1-2-1 coaching exercises, practical demonstrations and relevant examples.  The programme will explore your Coaching style and give you the confidence and ability to successful coach others to improve their performance and motivation in workplace situations.