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Train the Trainer

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What’s the duration?


2 days


Note: - a 1 day workshop is available – please enquire for more details



What’s the workshop about?


This workshop has been developed to provide the skills and techniques to become an effective process/technical trainer.  This workshop concentrates on ‘on-the-job’ training techniques and not, for example, ‘training facilitators’ to facilitate workshops (please contact us for more details on trainer facilitator training).


You will learn how to train people to undertake complex process and systems, whether these are IT skills through to technical tasks.  You will learn how to structure on the job training solutions and optimise the training process, create development plans, training schedules and training process maps.  This workshop is practical, hands-on with a large proportion of the workshop being undertaken by the delegates conducting practical demonstrations.


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop you will be confident to train people in complex or process driven tasks.

Topics include:

  • Understand the difference between conventional training and process/technical training
  • Effective communication skills
  • Understand motivation theories in a development context
  • Learning theories - and why people learn
  • Use of visual aids and other training material
  • Changing complex task into simple instructions
  • Structuring the training delivery: three-step process of training delivery
  • Development of process/technical training plans and maps
  • Delivery of practical process/technical session (conducted on the workshop by the individual delegates)
  • Giving powerful and effective feedback
  • Follow-up requirements and next stage process


Who’s it for?


This workshop is for you, if you are in a technical personnel role, IT, Supervisors, Team-leaders, Managers. It is for anyone who needs to train technical/process driven tasks - or for their own personal development.




The workshop is highly interactive, experiential, with practical demonstrations, including presentations from the delegate.