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Time Management

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What’s the duration?


1 day


What’s the workshop about?


‘If only there was more time…..’  How often have you uttered or thought this during work?

Time is finite -  we only have a certain amount – but the clever part is how we use this.

This workshop has been developed to provide the knowledge and understanding to actively manage your time.  The workshop will cover the main killers of time in the workplace, how to overcome these, adopt new strategies, planning and organisational skills development.

What you will learn?


By attending the workshop you will understand the key aspects of effective time management, and take a pro-active part in the process to bring about efficient time management.


  • Time problems and time killers in the workplace
  • Procrastination – understanding and overcoming
  • Importance v Urgency – defining and sorting
  • Prioritising – the rules and techniques
  • Planning your time
  • The art of delegation
  • Tools available – software, diaries, IT, media devices
  • ‘Effective’ and ‘Efficient’ – Time management strategies
  • Business communication: emails/text – handling and developing strategies

Who’s it for?


This workshop is essential for anyone who wants to develop more effective and efficient time management strategies.




This workshop is highly interactive and uses exercises, videos and case-studies applicable to the objective of being able to manage time effectively and efficiently.