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TEAM Colours® is a team profiling tool developed by us, to identify your individual personal profile, as well as help define team roles, with the aim of aiding team integration.


It uses a set of questions developed around key descriptors aligned to classic personality profiles.  These profiles have been defined  as 'TEAM' (see diagram opposite).

Each of these profiles (T:E:A:M) have their own individual descriptors describing the behaviours and skills of each.

The profile is a paper-based questionnaire consisting of around 28-36 questions depending on which format (Basic or Pro).


Team Colours

 It is self-marked on the workshop (e.g. teambuilding, team meeting) with your role identifier highlighted, as well as a profile 'spider chart'.

After undertaking the profile, you will gain a greater perspective of yourself, as well as your contribution to the team.

The information  from the profile forms the basis of:

  • group discussions
  • feedback
  • motivation
  • problem solving
  • task allocation
  • team dynamics
  • team roles
  • team performance
  • team diversity
  • conflict in teams

amongst other areas.


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