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Teambuilding: High Performing Teamwork


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What’s the duration?


1 day or 2 days


What’s the workshop about?


The workshop has been created to address the specific needs of a company, organisation, department which may include: re-energising a team, the creation of new teams, new team focus, or a re-structure.

The workshop will cover the aspect and definition of teams, team dynamics, motivation, team development and the importance of working as a unified team.  It will help empower the individuals on the workshop to become more focused, motivated and to act as one unified team.


Note:  The workshop will utilise our tried and tested team profiling tool TEAMColours® to highlight team diversity and structure.


The workshop can be run as an open generic course to develop personnel involved with running or developing teams, or can be run as an in-house/bespoke workshop.  It will utilise the host organisation’s team aims and goals to achieve it’s team objectives.  These will be identified in advance through dialogue with the organisation and incorporated into the workshop.


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop delegates will feel more energised, focused and be clear on their team identity.  They will have a greater understanding of teamwork, its power to achieve greater things by adopting a unified approach.


  • Definition of a ‘team’
  • Leaders in teams - role and purpose
  • Team development theories - (e.g. - Katzenbach and Smith, Tuckman, Adair, et al)
  • Team dynamics and motivation
  • Team / Group structure – ‘TEAMColours® profiling tool
  • High Performing Teams
  • Managing change in team situations
  • Building team harmony: managing conflict in teams


Who’s it for?


This workshop is essential for groups/teams who need re-energising, going through re-structures, new team formation, change, re-focus, etc.


Note: owing to the nature of this workshop and building team dynamics of the participants this workshop is only offered in-house, or as part of merger, or integration development.




This is a highly interactive and experiential workshop with exercises and team activities designed to focus, re-energise and draw on the development points required.  All the activities have been designed to be run in-doors as needed.