Talent Management.


In today’s competitive market it is important that any organisation has the correct strategy for getting the best people.  But not only the best, but ensures that they are in the right role, doing the right thing.  This is where Talent Management plays its part.


So what is meant by ‘Talent Management’?  Through the research by Steven Hankin, of the consulting firm McKinsey and Company. Inc., in 1997, coining the phrase ‘war for talent’ in his work, and with a subsequent book by Ed Michaels, et al, of the same name,  it has been established that the key components of a typical talent management process is to:

 - Identify

 - Develop

 - Retain


Talent Management

These three key tenets form the basic framework for any talent management process and, like all models and theories, have been further adapted over the years to include ‘engagement’ and ‘mobilisation’, amongst others.

However, it's not just about the 'war for talent' - but the war for the talent 'mindset'; the perceptions, psycholgical contract and expectations that need to be won over. 

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We believe that there is another important stage, to incorporate the new generation of employees, changing international and global fluidity of organisations, virtual demographics, to name but a few considerations; that is  – Sustain.


A talent management system needs to be adaptable and flexible to the times, needs and demands of a new generation of workforce.  Without a sustainable process in place, then all the hard work in designing and developing a current system may be in vain.


At PMR Training and Development, we can help you with your sustainable talent management system, from design and development, through to running programmes and workshops.

Talent Development.


We can also work with your talent, helping with assessment, feedback, career planning, development options and plans, coaching, and mentoring.  Whether this is taken as a group, managing your high potential, or as 1-2-1 sessions; having developed hundreds of individuals, as people development specialists we see this as the heart of our business.




In addition, we also run a 2 day Talent Management workshop for those whose responsibility it is to manage the talent process/system in their organisation.

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For more information about our services, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this further.