Psychometric & Occupational Assessment

Psychometric and occupational testing in business or recruitment is usually used to give added indication of a persons’ motivation, technical ability, performance, traits or the type of individual they are.


This can help the individual with their own self-development, or others with identifying the best role or development options to increase the performance of the individual.  It can also be used not just at individual level, but to help team, department or even company structure.

Tests and assessments can be used from the very beginning of the recruitment process – to ensure that the individual is right for the role and will fit in with the company values; identifying, developing and enhancing talent/high potential; - through to the synergy of established teams and team members to increase performance.


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PMR Training and Development are able to use a range of psychometric / occupational assessment tools, which include:


- Personality Tests (e.g. WAVE, MBTI, 15FQ+, OPPro, 16PF, etc.)

- 360

- Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires

- Motivational Preference Inventories

- Ability and Aptitude tests – Spatial, Verbal and Numerical - iWAM

- Analytical tests

- Problem Solving

- Creative thinking tests

- Sales Preference Indicator

- Learning Styles Inventory

- H&S Indicator

- Pressure Management Indicator.



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How we can help


The use of psychometric and occupational assessments can help facilitate  recruitment, engagement, as well as optimised development options, so enabling growth for your organisation.


PMR Training and Development are able to provide a number of psychometric and occupational assessments with which to utilise, each with their own benefits specific to your needs.


These can be used, for example, in 1-2-1 coaching, team-building, communication and performance workshops, talent development, high-potential programmes, leadership development, performance management.

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