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What’s the workshop about?


One of the biggest differentiators in business is without doubt customer service.  People will choose to either buy or engage with your organisation based on the customer service they receive.  It is therefore, one of the key areas that you need to get right.


This workshop is designed around the PROUD Principle® which builds into a set of key principles in achieving excellent customer service.  Through its simplicity and ease of use it can create a unified customer-focused culture within an organisation.

Through its simplicity and ease of use it can be applied to any customer situation in any sector, discipline, or profession; it also crosses over easily from business to personal use, making it a fully flexible and adaptive model.

On the workshop you will learn the key positive behaviours, interpersonal aspects and structure to provide exceptional customer service, anytime and all the time.

ThePROUD Principle® instils positive behaviours and provides a simple framework to achieve a consistent, excellent customer service experience from start to finish.

NOTE: John Smart, Director and Owner of PMR Training and Development, is also the author of ‘PROUD – Achieving Customer Service Excellence’ (ISBN: 978-1499753776).  Delegates attending this workshop will also receive a complimentary copy of the book.


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have the confidence to engage professionally when speaking with customers
  • Develop skills in identifying a customers’ needs and handling their enquiries effectively
  • Learn to listen effectively, ask questions and summarise to respond fully to a customer request
  • Have a set of workable tools to utilise in their work
  • Feel confident in providing exceptional customer service.

Topics covered include:


  • Defining the Customer
    • Internal
    • External
  • First impressions count:
    • projecting the right image (language, voice and non-verbal messages)
    • building and maintaining rapport
    • building relationships
  • Understanding the importance of Perception & Expectation
    • The ‘What’ and the ‘what’
  • Developing key interpersonal skills in customer service
    • Active Listening
    • Powerful questions
  • PROUD Principle® – Customer Excellence Service Model
  • How to handle difficult customers
    • Assertiveness
    • Dealing with challenging requests
  • Embedding a PROUD Customer culture in the organisation


Who’s it for?

Anyone connected with customer service roles, at all levels in an organisation.  It is also highly relevant to all members of the organisation from the Board down - after all - we are all ‘customers’, and we all deal with ‘customers’ – whether internal or external and at all levels.  This course is essential development for those who wish to understand, implement and conduct excellent customer service, as well as gain further insight into highly relevant interpersonal skills.


Delivery Format.

This is a highly interactive workshop with specific examples, relvant and thought provoking exercises, videos, case-studies and role-play targetted at providing exceptional customer service.

PROUD - Achieving Customer Service Excellence: Example Book Reviews

"The practical steps and words of advice will be valuable to many." - Very Good

"I would recommend anyone with a job to pick up a copy and give it a read. If you don't have a work philosophy, this book will help you begin thinking about one." - Literary R&R

Note: John Smart is author of the ‘PROUD – Achieving Customer Service Excellence’ (ISBN: 978-1499753776).  He is also a contributor to the website and blogs of Shep Hyken, a global leading authority, author and speaker in customer service.

PROUD Principle® is a Registered Trade Mark, registered to John Smart, 2016