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Problem Solving and Decision Making

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What’s the workshop duration?


1 day


What’s the workshop about?


Problems, problems….decisions, decisions….what to do!

This workshop has been designed and developed to provide the necessary knowledge and techniques to proactively problem solve in order to provide effective, efficient decisions to gain a solution.

As a delegate on the workshop you will learn about analytical problem solving techniques, models and theories, their application in various scenarios and problem related issues.  You will learn about systems thinking and the consequences of decisions.  You will understand the processes involved to optimise your decision making and how to utilise the information to make the best decision to provide the optimum solution to the problem.


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop you will feel more confident in your ability to solve problems and make effective, efficient decisions.

  • Problem definition – when is a problem a problem?
  • Problem solving methods and models
  • Lateral problem solving techniques
  • Vertical problem solving techniques
  • Hybrid problem solving techniques
  • Systems Thinking - approach
  • The decision making process
  • Factors to consider – decision mapping
  • Evaluation of decision - optimising your options for the ideal solution
  • Feedback – testing the result
  • Consequences – planning and execution

Who’s it for?


This workshop is for you, if you are involved with having to resolve problems and create effective and efficient solutions.  Whether these are technical, analytical or behavioural in nature, you will learn effective strategies to deal with these as needed.



This workshop is highly interactive with practical demonstrations of problems, solution processes and examples.