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Powerful Presentations

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What’s the duration?


2 days


What’s the workshop about?


Ever had that sinking feeling when asked to do a presentation?  Do you just want to run and hide when this situation ever comes up?


This workshop has been developed to increase confidence, skills and techniques to conduct powerful presentations.  Whether the presentations are formal, for example, presenting to the Board, a new Client, your team; or in-formal, with large or small audiences, the workshop will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with the situation.


On the workshop you will learn about the problems and pit-falls of poor presentations, and how to ensure that a powerful and memorable presentation is delivered time and time again.  The workshop will cover audience control and impact, interpersonal skills and voice projection, as well as the effective use of visual aids and software.

[To ensure that you can practice what is being taught, you will conduct a number of presentations in front of your fellow peers, some whilst being videoed.  Positive and constructive feedback will be given throughout, to increase confidence and ability.]


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop you will feel more confident in your ability to deliver powerful and memorable presentations or talks.

Topics include:

  • How to avoid poor presentations – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Presentation models, styles and formats
  • Voice projection techniques
  • Using PowerPoint and other software - tips and techniques
  • The use of visual aids, demonstrations and other media to enhance the presentation
  • Communicating effectively with the audience and building rapport
  • Controlling the ‘hecklers’, difficult people and awkward questions
  • Structuring the presentation to the target audience (whether sales, technical, general)
  • Delivering the presentation, factors to consider, tips and techniques
  • Closing – tips and techniques to keep the audience engaged to the end – and beyond

Practical demonstration of presentations by the delegates throughout the two-days


Who’s it for?


This workshop is for you, if you are in Sales, give Technical presentations, Board presentations, or have to give talks and presentations within your work.  Or for those who may wish to expand their own personnel development.




The workshop is highly interactive, experiential, with practical demonstrations, including presentations from the delegate, some whilst being videoed.