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Mentoring – The Mentor Model©


Mentor Model

What’s the duration?


1 day


What’s the workshop about?


One of the most rewarding aspects of any job is mentoring.  Contributing and developing another person to help achieve their full potential is fulfilling in its own right.


As part of any development strategy, mentoring is seen as a key approach to help fulfil an individual’s personal development; as well as further promote the growth of the organisation through the production of focused, motivated and talented people.  As an important aspect of people development it is vital that mentoring is conducted correctly.


This workshop has been designed to develop you, as an appointed mentor in the organisation, in the correct mentoring skills.  On the workshop you learn about the Mentor Model©, the key behaviours and attributes of a good mentor, the vital interpersonal skills to engage and motivate, as well as help the development of meaningful career plans to aid your mentee to achieve their potential. 


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop you will gain confidence to engage, motivate and inspire your mentee, as well as help develop their potential.


Topics include:


  • Mentoring v Coaching: defining mentoring
  • Understanding the Mentor Model©
  • Behaviours and attributes of a mentor
  • Building rapport with your mentee
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Constructing powerful questions
  • Active listening model
  • Conducting a mentoring interview
  • Developing the mentee: setting targets and goals
  • Giving powerful feedback
  • Further steps


Who’s it for?


Appointed mentors, Directors, Managers, anyone who has to undertake the role of a mentor in the organisation; or wishes to understand more about mentoring for personal development.




This is a highly interactive workshop with relevant exercises, case-studies and targeted videos, with active discussion in the areas around mentoring and how to transfer this learning back into the workplace.