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Managing Conflict and Acting Assertively

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What’s the duration?


1 day


What’s the workshop about


No-one really likes conflict.  The majority of people will shy away when confronted directly.  Conflict itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the managing or confronting conflict is something which many people find hard.  The results from not being able to deal with this properly this can be personal stress, poor relationships (both at work and home), bad decisions and under-performance, to cite a few. 

This powerful workshop is designed to help you manage conflict positively – confronting it when necessary and handling it in such a way as to create constructive and, if possible, win-win results.  As part of this process the workshop also focuses on dealing with difficult colleagues and working relationships - readjusting perceptions and developing strategies accordingly.


What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop you will feel more confident to handle conflict and deal with issues in a more assertive manner.

  • Conflict and confidence
  • Assertive or aggressive?
  • Emotional trigger: Handling anger and aggression - in self and others
  • Utilising Transactional Analysis in conflict resolution
  • Developing your assertiveness : How to say ‘No’ – and mean it
  • Handling objections: strategies and techniques
  • Diffusing techniques and strategies in conflict management
  • Conflict and assertiveness  - constructive discussions to gain win-win


Who’s it for?


This workshop has been specifically designed anyone who wishes to gain confidence in acting assertively or manage conflict in the workplace.  These can include customer service situations, coaching or counselling or managing difficult people.





The workshop is highly interactive with relevant exercises, case-studies, videos and practical examples around managing conflict and acting assertively.