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Leading and Managing Change

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What’s the duration?


1 day


What’s the workshop about?


‘Change is the only constant’, as cited by Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, around 2000 years ago.  We know that Companies change, people change, the world changes – it’s the ability to adapt and cope with change that makes the difference.

This workshop has been developed to provide the knowledge and understanding to actively manage change.  The workshop will cover: the definition of change, models and theories, the behaviours related to change, leading and managing change strategies, engagement, communication, planning and involvement.

What you will learn?


By the end of the workshop, you will be more confident about understanding the change process and taking an active and pro-active part to bring about successful change.

Topics include:

  • Leading v Managing
  • Defining change
  • Change theories and models
  • Individual behaviours to facilitate change
  • Creating the impetus for change: benefits
  • Change Strategy – communication and roll-out plans
  • Leading through change
  • Managing the change through from conception through to completion
  • Building on the change


Who’s it for?


This workshop is ideal for those who will manage the change process in their business or organisation, those going through the change process, or those who need to prepare and understand the problems with future changes.




The workshop is highly interactive with relevant exercises, case-studies, examples and discussions around change.