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Many people will have the desire to progress, to improve their thinking, their approach to situations – or, it may be others who see this and, with a little bit of extra help and guidance, a certain individual has the potential to perform far better than they already are.  Given the correct support they are then able to develop and attain greater knowledge and skills, improve their overall well-being, amongst many other benefits.

These are some of the classic cases where effective coaching can be hugely beneficial, and where coaching really comes to the fore.

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Why is Coaching different?


There are many misconceptions around coaching.  For example: that the coach is there to solve the problem for the individual.  This is not true.


A true coach helps an individual unlock their hidden skills, knowledge and experience in order to solve the problem themself, and to gain from this.

Correctly applied coaching is totally different to the classic ‘on the job training’ methodology, where a ‘directive’ structure of: ‘I know how; I tell you; You carry it out’, is applied.


Coaching applies a ‘non-directive’ methodology of: ‘You know how; You tell me, You decide.’ 


Through active dialogue, the coach is there to help, advise, support and un-lock potential that may be dormant, so allowing the individual freedom to think things through more clearly.

How we can help


To ensure that coaching is right for you or your organisation, PMR Training and Development can provide a number of services to help with your coaching needs.  These range from:


- assigned 1-2-1 coaching sessions,


- running workshops to develop your people in applying coaching techniques,


- running facilitated team coaching sessions,


- advising and assisting you to implement a coaching strategy or culture across your organisation.

We have developed our own unique Coaching method, called the

ACTIVE Coaching© system.  Please click on the ACTIVE Coaching© logo on the right which will explain more about our unique product.

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Please Note:  John Smart, PMR Training and Development Director, is a Member of the Association for Coaching, the leading UK professional body for Coaching.  As a Member, all of our coaching interventions abide by their code of ethics and guidance, giving you assurance that you will receive a professional and accredited service.

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For more information about our services, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this further.