Change / Transformation Management

Successful change in any company is built through positive engagement, teamwork and enhanced communication.

PMR Training and Development recognise this aspect.

For a company to grow or adapt there will be change.  How this change is managed is imperative to the success of the company.


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Sometimes change is embraced and welcomed; however, in most cases the first reaction is one of resistance, whether intentionally or un-intentionally.  This resistance can, in-turn, hinder the growth or future plans of an organisation.


In the case of SMEs the company will have initially grown from a small start-up, where the leader/s are focused on developing the business, but the implications of too fast a change may impact on the business growth.


It can also be true of larger companies where the differing growth has created a ‘silo’ mentality, disparate divisions, complex structures, poor communication, all of which can hinder any further change and so prevent growth.


Sometimes it requires outside, neutral perspectives to facilitate this change process.


This is where we believe PMR Training and Development can add value to the business model.


How we can help


PMR can help facilitate engagement, helping the change through, so enabling growth for your organisation. 

Whether this is through team coaching interventions, team-building programmes, communication and performance workshops, PMR Training and Development are able to bring to the table a neutral perspective, but at the same time drawing on, and utilising, our experience of other organisations with which we have worked.

Our neutrality ensures that there are no ‘hidden agendas’, as our agenda is to make you and your change successful.  We believe that this perspective helps to reduce resistance to the change transition.


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